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What is a FOODY?


  • A Foody is a vertical growing system designed to provide the perfect environment to grow herbs, salads and flowers.  Simple to assemble and use, the Foody requires only 10% of the water used in a traditional garden and is at home indoors or outdoors.

  • The Foody sits on a base reservoir with a footprint of less than 2sq.ft (50cms). Pods with planting "pockets" stack on top of each other, up to a maximum of four which easily rotate to ensure plants receive equal amounts of light.

How does it work?

  • The system is watered and fed from the top pod with the solution slowly draining down into the reservoir, where six plants in net pots draw up water via  wicks.

  • The Foody ensures you make the best use of space, light, heat, water and nutrients. 

  • Photo to the right is a Foody system being watered in one of the the LIFE greenhouse.

  • The Foody can be located inside or outside providing you with fresh salads and herbs 12 months a year.

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